Brain Adventures with Mylin

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Download and print all of our helpful handouts in one bumper Workbook! Use the Activity Workbook to follow along with the episodes and help you better understand your Brain Adventures with Mylin. Help Mylin color the Temporal Lobe, complete a "cross-lobe" puzzle and search for brain words! 

Mylin in the brain


Welcome to the first episode of Brain Adventures with Mylin! Mylin is a neuron, and his home is the brain. In this episode, Mylin helps us learn about the brain stem, cerebellum, and cerebrum. Together we will learn about the four lobes of the brain and what they do. Watch to learn more about which parts of the brain are in charge of taste, sight, sound and problem solving!

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In Episode 1, you learned about different areas of the brain and what they do. In Episode 2, learn more about what can happen if these brain areas get hurt. Mylin introduces us to Mr. Sheath, who teaches us about what can happen if you hurt your temporal lobe. We also have an appointment with Dr. Schwann to learn more about what it would look like if someone had a head injury to the occipital lobe.

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In Episode 3, we continue to learn about what happens to different parts of your brain if they are injured. Join Mylin as he visits Coach Sam Sense who teaches us about injury to the parietal lobe and what it can affect. Then we visit Ms. Craft in the frontal lobe to learn about how injuries there can impact the way you think.

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In case you missed it, here's the fun workbook that accompanies "Brain Adventures with Mylin". Download, print out and color! Help Mylin color the Temporal Lobe, complete a "cross-lobe" puzzle, search for brain words and more!

Mylin workbook


Go behind the scenes and learn how "Brain Adventures with Mylin" was created by creator and animator Catherine Croft.

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