Water Safety

The Facts

Drowning is the leading cause of death to children ages 1-4 in our country. Older children also drown every year. Children drown while swimming, boating, fishing, and after accidentally falling in water. Every one of those drownings is a significant loss. And just about every one of those drownings could be prevented.


Drowning Dangers for Kids

Children in pool


If there is a pool at your house, be sure there is a fence around it, and be sure the fence is latched shut. Don’t let children get into the water to swim unsupervised.

Safeguard in other locations also. Life jackets should be worn on boats. Only allow feet-first jumping into natural bodies of water where you don’t know the depth. No horseplay in or near the water.

Fence around swimming pool

Make sure that your children know how to swim

Experts debate when the best age might be to teach children to swim, but it is agreed that almost all children are ready to learn by about age 5. Some children learn earlier than that.

Father teaching child to swim

Supervise when children are near water

If you know your child is swimming, fishing, boating, or playing near water, watch them. Even if they are a good swimmer, adults need to supervise.

Parents supervising child at edge of water

Learn what to do in an emergency

If you are the supervisor, have some basic water rescue knowledge. Know what to do if there is an emergency. Follow the lead of Prep-peroni the Pirate.

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